My name is Igor Turovskiy and I grew up in Belarus. The surroundings influenced his artistic interests at a very young age and shaped his career and helped me to become a graphic artist. I later immersed myself in natural and architectural beauty. In 1992, I moved to America and opened my own graphic design studio. Several years later, I found my niche in the world of abstract art.

The pieces are created with a mixture of metallic mica pigments and fluid acrylics. I employ the viscous effects of epoxy resin, the fluid motion of the combination freezes the art, making it timeless. The emotion is conveyed in pieces through the use of nuanced layers and the organic flow of the resin.

I have used a wide variety of surfaces for resin artwork. I also produce original abstract resin paintings. Lately, I have been focusing on landscape and seascape scenery artwork. I would be happy to answer any questions you may  have.