about Igor Turovskiy

My Story

I grew up in Belarus, immersed in natural and artitecture beauty. Those suroundings influenced my artistic interests at a very young age, and sparked my career as a graphic artist. In 1992, I moved to America and opened my own graphic design studio. Several years later, I found my niche in the world of abstract art.

My Art

I provide a variety of functional, rust, and commissioned, modern art. The pieces are created with a mixture of metallic mica pigments and fluid acrylics. Employing the viscous effects of epoxy resin, the fluid motion of the mixtures is frozen in time. Emotion is conveyed in the pieces through the use of nuanced layers and the organic flow of the resin.

Who I Work With

I work with a variety of residential and commercial clients in many industries. The commercial customers include art curators, interior designers, restaurants, bars, high-end offices, and many more. I’ve even had the privilege of having my art featured in the hit series, Empire.